Bielefeld vs PSV – Football friendlies

Today, July 12th starting at 20:30 GMT, vice champion of the Netherlands, PSV Eindhoven, will play the second match preparation in this period of preparation ahead of Bielefeld, the band has evolved in the league last season third in Germany but managed to promote the second echelon.

Bielefeld has the advantage we could say that many games up, but against an opponent as hard as PSV’s two matches in addition to matter. The Germans have played three friendlies during the summer so far, finishing them all unbeaten and always scoring at least two goals. Bielefeld drew 2-2 with Austria Vienna and went Wolfsberger AC and Wiedenbruck 2-1 or 3-1.
Speaking strictly at the numbers of the last championship, Bielefeld had the most solid defense in the third German league, averaging less than 1 scored per game. The offensive was also in height, with 59 successes in 38 stages of the championship.

PSV on the other hand, as I said, has played one friendly match this summer, the last three days against a local team from the Second Division, FC Eindhoven. The opponent was not considering that as he finished the last position in Eerste Divisie (second Dutch league), but PSV has confirmed the superiority both in field and on the table, imposing 3-0.
It should be recalled that the vice champion of the Netherlands has a formidable attack, and the figures speak for themselves as one of the few teams in the big leagues of Europe who have scored over 100 goals last championship (103 in 34 steps). That says a lot about the offensive capabilities of PSV Eindhoven.