Marseille vs FC Porto – Football friendlies

One of the most balanced, yet friendly and high interest of Saturday, July 13, will take place from O. Marseille French and Portuguese from FC Porto. Anticipating the start of the match will be given at 21:30 and betting is hard to say who starts as favorite.

Marseille had a successful season in the previous season considering that it was extremely difficult to fight the peer with PSG. OM finished the championship second position, against rival Lyon, but this summer is not doing well at all. The French have no more games up exactly have played one friendly, the DNI four days ago against the Swiss Sion. The match was ended in a draw 1-1 after 90 minutes, after being won by the Swiss in the shootout.
France team on the transfer market was not very active, but has brought in player attack, which was missing on Dimtri Payet from Lille. Opposite the departures, he gave Marseille goalkeeper Andrade at Nautico in Brazil.

FC Porto on the other side of the barricade became champion in Portugal limit, winning the title to rival Benfica after the latter stood on leadership chair more than 80% during the season, losing position with two rounds before final.
The Portuguese have played one friendly this summer at divizonarei seconds ahead of the Netherlands, Maastricht, won by a score of 6-0.
When it comes to transfers, FC Porto is a real money making machine, and this summer I gave Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez on tens of millions best to AS Monaco. Until the moment Lusitania were not hardened in any position, but certainly to the final will.