Thailand Stars vs Manchester United – Football friendlies

Manchester United will play the opening match of the training period this summer on Saturday, July 13, 2013, starting at 16:00 in front of the stars selected Thailand. Thailand Stars dispute customary in recent years to such parties, at least in the last two years when they met teams like Chelsea or selected football Thailand. Every time the stars have lost 0-4 score against Chelsea in the summer of 2011 and compared selectionatei score 1-5 in Thailand.

Too many details about Asians are not for this game, so we will focus more on English. Manchester United, as I said, only now played the first match of summer, after the triumph in last season’s Premier League. Rooney and company to step won the championship in England, although in the last stages have left it softer, winning just 2 of 5 games.
The offensive is the great advantage of his students Moyes, they managed to score 86 goals in 38 stages of the championship. United broke this summer was the second greatest legends of the club, namely Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Scholes both retired.
United have been the most active team in the transfer market so far, but many players have returned to the squad after loans. Thus far, compared to last season, the English take them in addition Fabio Da Silva player who played for QPR last season, Bebe, Macheda, Ange Henriquez and Varela.